Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How long will it take to build a custom home?

Because we create customized floor plans and offer a variety of options for your home, the timeline is going to differ based on a plan you choose. However, our approximate timeline from house set to completion is 14 weeks.

What sets heartland apart from other custom builders?

We pride ourselves in building customers their dream homes. We also strive to incorporate our core values of Integrity, Quality, and Service, in our everyday actions. This includes building a personal relationship with you along the way. We want to learn your aspirations for your new home, whether you’re interested in a large family room to gather and host, or a split floor plan to provide privacy for guests… we are here to listen and work with you every step of the way!

Do I need land before scheduling a consultation?

No land, no problem. One of the great things about building with us is that we have exclusive lots available for purchase. If you do have another property in mind, or are still searching for land, we are still more than happy to schedule a consultation with you.

What areas does Heartland build in?

Heartland is happy to service Portage County and surrounding areas. For inquiries about your specific location, please call us at (715) 344-8886.

Are there pre-existing floor plans to look at?

In addition to our custom-built, panelized homes, we are also a proud builder of Stratford Homes. During your consultation, we will consider your housing needs to help you choose the option that is best for you. There are several floor plans ranging in square footage that we can look at to form a better idea of your plan for your future home.

what is the cost per square foot of a home?

Asking the cost per square foot of a home is like asking “what is the cost of a bag of groceries?” Well, it depends. Is that bag filled with vegetables or with prime rib? This is the case with a home as well. There are many factors that help determine the overall cost of a home, making it extremely difficult to give an exact answer. Our current rough estimate of our standard house construction costs are averaging between $190 and $225 per square foot. Keep in mind that upgrades and custom features are going to alter this range.

Does Heartland have land for purchase?

Yes, we have several exclusive lots available that you can view here.